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Overwhelmed already?  Get a Stylist to help you.

What is a Stylist?

They are people who typically have a design background, great taste and a really good eye but are totally product obsessed.  They have a long list of resource (likely on speed dial), hate the word no and have little to no patience.  They work on the go, on the fly, and get a high off getting answers quickly.

Why Use a Stylist?

In short, to find what you want quickly.  Midnight or  mid- morning they are always on standby ready to jump into your next project and accelerate the process of finding that perfect item.

Who Uses a Stylist?

Here are a few common scenarios other clients who have used them find themselves in

  • When you have a list of product you need help finding
  • When you have a picture of a room that you just love the look of and need to figure out how to get it
  • When you can’t figure out who makes a product and are tired of searching google
  • When you know what you want but can’t figure out how to ship it to your location
  • When you are looking for something that will go with ‘this piece you already have’
  • When you need more in depth product details than the one line description on the website shows you
  • When you have a designer whose hourly fee is more than the cost of the item you are looking for
  • When you need an extra boost of confidence (no really, we’ll tell you what we think)
  • When you have no time to run from store to store or site to site searching yourself
  • When you are at home and shopping for the cottage, the farm, the chalet, your winter home
  • When you realize you have a delivery coming that coincides with your vacation
  • When you really want to furnish your pad and not have to deal with moms, sisters and girlfriends
  • When you are under a tight deadline and need a miracle
  • When you just need help!

Stylists are always free. 

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