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Blue: Still on My Mind

We’ll be bring you tons of new product once we catch our breath but there is NO question after the first few days that blue will trend well into 2015.  Sure it takes some aqua and teal hints but it’s on everything from fabrics to frames, even glass and clay.  A little inspiration to get […]


Love the Look of That Room? How To Save Money and Get It

Let’s be honest; furniture is expensive and renovating anything always costs more than they said it would.  If we had a dollar every time we heard I want the look of this room, but want to save money doing just that, we would be bazillionaires!  Here are our top five tips: 1. Shop Online.  What […]


Stylist Pick: Nautical Lanterns

While the cooler temperatures are setting in, the upside is mood lighting becomes that much more important.  Inside or out, candlelight by night is always a plus.  We’re crushing over these newly launched nautical lanterns. Spot one you love?  Shop the Look here.


Do I Need a Stylist?

Well, that depends.  If you find yourself looking for furniture, and going down one path, then the next and constantly coming up with a ‘dead end’ i.e. you can’t find it, figure out how to get it to you, etc then we would say yes!  If you are time-starved and busy with work, a growing […]


Must be Monday: Did They Really Just Say That?!

You might not shop online yet, but there’s no doubt you google to get all the info.  We do this constantly – oh except if you’re searching for furniture.  We’ve already spent 5+ years communicating this to our furniture manufacturers yet there is still this HUGE gap in the food chain that is nothing short […]


Snuggle up in Shupaca This Fall

With blanket season upon us we have to share a Stylist pick … we’re obsessed and know you will be too when you feel this luxuriously soft material.  Here’s what we love most So light – no really, you can use them summer and winter.  Despite being so light they keep you perfectly warm (and […]


Have Patio Furniture Covered in Sap?

This summer was particularly bad for sap – maybe it was the rain.  Either way at my cottage September has not been a fun place to be, only made worse by four squirrels who are having the best time of their life knocking EVERY single pine cone out of the trees and covering all decks, […]


Sneak Peek: Fashion Week for the Furniture World V. Fall 2014

Twice a year, spring and fall, the furniture manufacturers debut their new collections.  This year that starts October 18th but as per usual the sneak peaks are starting to be leaked.  What will be the hottest color? style? who has the best new idea? Who is re-inventing an old? Here’s the first round. Follow Remote […]


Fedex or UPS: Who Drives Me Crazy More?!

We ship with 60+ different freight carriers and if you were to be standing in front of me and drop the words Fedex or UPS you would absolutely be guaranteed to see an eye roll. While I’ll commend them on timely pickups and better than most tracking, they ABSOLUTELY suck at billing.  If I didn’t laugh my way […]

Shipping Damage

10 Musts For A Successful Furniture Delivery

It constantly amazes us how many people don’t use common sense when having furniture delivered – and then we realized that design professional likely haven’t shared tips and tricks to having a successful furniture delivery appointment.  Being online furniture shopping experts here are 10 things you absolutely want to do to save yourself serious time […]

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Buying Furniture Online: Trade Secrets to Get The Product You’re After Quickly

It doesn’t matter whether you are an empty nester always on the go, at home with young kids, or logging crazy hours at the office, there are never enough hours in a normal day! …we concur.  Despite your lack of time, you can not deal with that room anymore and are determined to find a new […]


Marital Bliss 2.0: The Lounge Barge

In typical RS fashion this was the most fun area to plan and decorate for me.   The plan was a dock dance party under the moonlight and hot summer night aka right behind the boat in this shot. The weather man apparently missed the memo!  There was a 7pm call time for guests and […]


Marital Bliss 2.0: Want a Wedding Dress for Less than $350?!

I am home decor obsessed.  The same can’t be said for the fashion you wear.  I simply don’t get why people spend thousands of dollars to wear something for a few hours then house it in a closet for the rest of their life.  Sure there will be pictures, and lets hope its you only […]


Marital Bliss 2.0: Lagoon

Take our L-shaped dock and add a barge on the right that pretty much came to shore and all of the sudden we had a square pool which we renamed the lagoon.  Being in the decor biz, rule no. 1 is use every inch of space! It seemed entirely boring to leave it be with […]


Martial Bliss 2.0: The Ceremony

There were a few non decor related matters that were talked about over and over that are worth sharing  – the first was our heartfelt ceremony, that was 100% original because we designed it.  If I hear “love is patient, love is kind” one more time I will seriously scream!  I have two pieces of advice (one […]


Marital Bliss 2.0: The Paddle Project

Something old, something new … Seeing that I read all day long online, books are just not my thing.  The thought of a book of well wishes collecting dust for years to come really wasn’t that appealing so we opted for signed paddles.  We took 3 because all decor is better paired in groupings of 3 […]


Marital Bliss 2.0: Dining Barge

While guests couldn’t figure out whether there would be a seated dinner in advance, there certainly was. One 24 x 60 foot industrial barge + 20 x 50 white frame tent with clear sidewalls +32 8ft tables with white table cloths + 124 white folding chairs = great base …. but that wouldn’t cut it. […]

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Marital Bliss 2.0: #THECLUBFBAR

It was totally unintentional but in saving inspiration images for the #clubfwedding I came across this picture Pretty cool right? It sat in a folder for a few months and one day I showed Morgan in passing stating only that I thought this was a cool bar and how neat would it be to have […]


Marital Bliss 2.0: Online All the Way

So our founder, Kelly, just got married and has been entertaining us with tales that involve product, shipping, gafawws and laughs all summer.   For the next two weeks we’ve begged her to entertain you with a written recap and not only show you the what but the how, not to mention share her wedding […]