Kelly Fallis



“I know you’ve been there; ten trips to stores; more traffic than you can shake a stick at; five hours Google-ing furniture sites and you still haven’t made a decision.  Let me be the first to tell you – you’re NOT alone!  I watched this happen repeatedly in my previous company, as I moved 750 families, one after the other.  At household # 751, my frustration peaked…enough.  Enough of the backwards, inefficient, not in store, never on time, and definitely never easy.   There had to be a better way and if no one else was going to find a solution, I would!”

Kelly Fallis’ fierce entrepreneurial style is disrupting the interior design and furniture worlds for the better. Her strong sense of perspective and long-term foresight, give her the ability to see an opportunity and run with it. Truly an innovator, she is an inspiration to  entrepreneurs all over the world. Her ability to empower those around her is obvious and contagious. After a career in the financial industry, she had a successful Toronto based home staging company, Organized Outcomes, in which she  saw a chance to combine her love of design and technology with the all-powerful Internet. She is now in the forefront of redefining an industry.

Kelly’s expertise has landed her in the New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Fortune, BNN, The National Post, The Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Tech Vibes, Business Insider, Dubai Gulf News, Huffington Post, Cottage Life and HGTV among others. She won BNN’s Best Pitch of 2012 and has also presented at the Canadian Association of Women Executives & Entrepreneurs ,Telus Small Business Week, The Enterprise Council on Small Business Summit and the Blackberry Wireless Enterprise Symposium.

Follow her on twitter @kellyfallis